GOP always tell the 'TRUTH' even when they lie Image

GOP always tell the 'TRUTH' even when they lie

PARADOX:  A statemenent (action perhaps) that is apparently a contradiction at first, but isn't with further thought. This differs from a oxymoron that is relatively simple form of contradition, e.g., 'GOP integrity'.


A favorite book of mine is "The Picture of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde. This story is filled with paradoxical statements that compliment the story that is a paradox itself.  That is, the named protagonist is one who does not age himself, but a picture of him does, such a contradition of reality, but it is true in this fantasy. Other well-noted paradoxes are noted below:

  • If you don't risk anything, you risk everything;
  • If everyone is special, no one is;
  • "It is weird to not be weird."(John Lennon);
  • "I know one thing that I know nothing," (Socrates);
  • The pen is mightier than the sword
  • "The louder you talk, the less I hear." (ex-wife)
  • "I am too young to be sooooooo old." (Ron Lindsey)


In my opinion,  as demonstrated above, paradoxes by individuals SHOULD BE a true sign of both their creativity with insight as to the subject involved. HOWEVER, when it comes to those GOP politicians and their followers who 'deny' the "BIG LIE",  it is an issue of total lack of integrity and ignorance respectively.  Surely, the politicians know better in their mind (with too few exceptions, e.g., Liz Chaney) but are gutless as to pursuing their own careers at the expense of U.S. democracy. How in the world does this go on? One point here as to followers is what wasted T**** has stated, 'If a falsehood is stated enough it can become the truth'. And then you have Fox that has been providing an onslaught of lies for its audience to maintain ratings amongst the ignorant. How can Fox's sponsors justify their funding based on this total BS?

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