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To Be Clear

The “uprising” of January 6, 2021 in the U.S. was not a threat to the Republic in any fashion.  It was ONLY an assault on one symbolism that represents our Republic, the Capitol Building.  Not ignoring the tragedy of 5 deaths, it was in effect a true blessing for our nation I believe. For the last 4 years especially, and longer than that for sure in a sub-surface fashion, the nation has been exposed to an amazing number of lies; T**** himself had a count of lies exceeding 30,000 during his term.  And, he was supported by an amazing number of Republicans,  both Federal and State officials that have now been exposed as to their fatuous statements and support for an amazing horrible individual.  The final count of electoral votes on that same day in Congress identified the really hardcore traitors who voted for treason against the U.S. Constitution.  They are so f***ing stupid to believe that they could actually achieve an overturn of the voting process that took place in November, 2020;  a process defined by the Constitution. 


So, why do I see this uprising as a blessing in addition to my point of exposure above?  I offer the following points as to my personal prophecy.


  • First, again, there was NEVER a real threat to our government, but instead the following has already or will come about;
  • A number of out-of-control radicals, with no justification in our country’s laws and mores, have and will be eliminated from society;
  • The self-described ‘militias’ will think twice about taking on the State and Federal armed forces. Their BS bravado has been beaten down a bit. They will clearly be subjected to increased scrutiny;
  • The military has made clear their allegiance to the Constitution (more on this below when I discuss Egypt’s revolutions);
  • All responsible citizens, regardless of political affiliation, are now more than ever sensitive to the pathetic leadership of the tyrants primarily in the Republican party; a party which hopefully will go under drastic changes to provide an honorable 2+ party political environment;
  • The open press of this country will be able to override the total BS of those networks and broadcasters who have sought profits at the expense of our country’s integrity - FU Fox Opinion Division;
  • The Trump dynasty will be destroyed with not even ashes remaining;
  • Tax programs will be focused on the masses of citizens across the country at the cost of the amazing rip offs the corporations have received under T****’s administration.
  • Respect for all, regardless of race, religion, and wealth will be commonplace instead of the exception;T**** will be impeached and never available to pursue public office again – the icing on the cake would be that the title of ‘President’ will be evoked for his use;T**** will be found of guilty of major criminal charges, and likewise removed from society;
  • His complicit family members and supporting confederates will also be rejected by, if not removed from society;
  • The term of ‘socialism’ will be understood as to the fact that we all depend upon this ideology when it comes to Medicare, our armed forces, and the handling of the COVID, to name the obvious.  It is not even close to Communism as projected and accepted by the ignorant;
  • DACA individuals will be able to stay in the U.S. where they belong;
  • Children crossing the border via whatever method will not be separated from their families and now returned to their parents instead of being kept in cages, aka, ‘summer camp’.


EGYPT: A Real Revolution

I had a major project in Egypt to improve the safety and efficiency of its railroad, ENR. This project started before and ended after its revolution in 2011.  Several of my Egyptian colleagues were amongst the 100,000’s of peaceful protestors against the country’s Police, not the military, on the annual event to honor the Police.  They provided me some insight on this occurrence that has not been provided in the press. The protest was indeed to be peaceful until the Police brought in their forces, including on horseback, to break up the protest resulting  eventually in 800+ deaths. and 600+ injuries. Subsequently, the military came in to protect the citizens against the Police.  This was an actual revolution, nothing like the BS uprising against the U.S. Capitol. In summary, this revolution eventually turned against the populace with an ‘election’ that resulted in radical president with a following revolution that resulted in a military-controlled government. Now the citizens have no one to support their rights in the pseudo-democratic government. 


As a side point, there is another posting on this blog regarding Egypt: The Less Known Egypt that may be of interest to you. I also wish to note that Egypt is actually quite safe for tourists with the exception of the NE corner bordering Israel … and very affordable with the devaluation of their currency compared to $US. Those readers who wish to go to Egypt, and are hesitant to do so, are welcome to contact me to discuss as provided on the blog. I can probably provide you with an Egyptian contact that can assist you in some fashion.

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