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The Other ANGELS

I do believe that many. of us have been, or will be, 'touched' by Angels in some fashion - although we might not recognize their presence at the time. I am not referring only to Angels, also referred by many as 'beings of light', as believed by the primary monothesim religions (only one God ...  or the oneness of God) stemming from Abraham: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Muslims in particular believe that Angels are created from light by God.  Jews and Christians believe that Angels are glowing with light from the burning of God's passion within them. In either case, the belief in God's Angels is a beautiful passion that the believers in the 3 religions, as well as several other ones,  find peace and meaning at times.

It is not my purpose below to challenge or in any way compromise such beliefs. Rather,  as presented in the following 4 stories below,  I think all can find meaning and comfort in understanding that there is of an Angelic nature amongst us that are ... simply stated ... US.

STORY 1: About 30 years ago, I was wind surfing on Lake Erie about 2 miles off shore. It was a stiff 15-20 mph wind,  and I had foolishly selected my largest sail with which I had been able to handle well in the past.  The wind was coming from the West which gave me excellent tacking attributes to reach out into the lake and then turn to return to the beach.  The waves were about 3 feet high, quite rough, but they provided for an utmost thrill when one goes with the waves.  That is, when I would cap the crest,  I would then accelrate down the leading edge - most exhilarating. Going against the waves was exciting as well as i pounded each crest holding tightly on to the boom and bending at my knees to absorb the power of the waves as they lifted me.  Having such an amazing time for 45 minutes or so, I didn't realize how much energy that I had expended, that is until I was catapulted from the board by a sudden wind gust. Not experienced in water-starts (being pulled up by the wind in the sail to mount the board),  I pulled myself onto the board and tried endlessly to get the large sail out of the water while being tossed by the waves.  I became totally exhausted and simply hung onto the edge of the board to rest.  Within minutes, I realized that wind had changed, and I was drifting further out into the lake.  There were no boats out there, given the lake's roughness, that I could signal for help. In short, I was on my way to Canada.  Suddenly, there was an individual on the surface of the water facing me with the bright sun directly behind him, thereby partially blinding my ability to focus on his face immediately.  He then spoke: "Hi! Are you OK?"  I responded that I was really bushed. At that point I noticed his life jacket and that he was sitting on his board. He had dropped his sail to be aside me.  He quickly introduced himself as a windsurfer that had left Canada hours ago heading for the U.S. coast. He then very sternly said: "Get up NOW, and go to shore. You can't hang here given the wind change.."  With that said, he water-started and took off towards the shore and disappeared quickly from my view.  I got on the board, quickly managed my sail in the waves and tacted to shore. He was not there. He was my Angel.  

STORY 2: On a football Sunday afternoon 10 years ago, I had gone to Lowes to pick up some supplies for a carpentry project.  I was on my way home on a well-travelled street  when I noticed a 50-something woman seriously staggering on the opposite sidewalk. I continued on for some distance, and then turned around with the thought of possibly assisting her in some fashion.  I pulled off the road just ahead of her and got out of the car to address her.  She was seriously trashed with just enough awareness to tell me she was on her way home from a party.  I asked her where she lived, and she pointed off in a direction where there was a complex of houses. I then offered her a ride. She nodded and got into my car. As she was doing that, I noticed that a car had pulled off the road some distance behind us in the same direction.  She slurred her address, and I proceeded.  Within several minutes, I was in front of her house. She said that she indeed did have her keys. Noticing that the same car had followed me and had stopped a hundred yards back, I told her that I would wait until she was in her front door.  As she was departing the car, she turned back to me and asked most sincerely:  "Are you an Angel?"  "Nojust a neighbor."  I drove away once she was inside her door, but returned several minutes later to make sure that the car that I had noticed had left. It had.

STORY 3: Skiing in Utah several years ago, the snow showers the night before had revived the slopes and the glades with 10 inches of champagne powder,  the best in the world.  In less than 2 hours all of the slopes were 'skied out" as to the powder. For experienced skiers, this meant that the glades were next to seek more powder.

Although really stupid to do in that I was on my own,  I took off for some fairly open glades. Within minutes upon entering the glades, i realized that the challenges that I was facing were more than a tad beyond my skills. But, nonetheless, I had committed and was well into confronting serious challenges. Realistically expecting falls that day, I had attached ski straps to my skiis that would lead me to a ski(s) in the deep powder should either, or both, come off my boots. (I had chosen the color of bright orange for these straps to match my jacket- another defense move on my part. The alternative lime green straps were just to inappropriate, IMHO.). About half way down the glades, I entered a plethora of Aspen pines with tight spacing,  I tensed looking for turning points while avoiding low-hanging branches that are really quite wicked as they slap your arms in passing them. Clearing that bunch of pines,  I had stopped to determine my next turns in this forest from Hell and heard a faint: "Hello, anyone there?"  Breathing heavily from my exertion, I responded: " Hello, where are you? Do you need help?"  The response was immediate and more powerful  "I'm in a tree-well and can't get out ...  It sounds as if you are just above me. .... I seriously need your assistance,"  Indeed, it was late in the afternoon, and the Ski patrol might not be searching this area within voice range to check for stranded skiers. Within moments, I was at his side and was able to extend a ski pole to help him extract himself form the imprisioning snow-well.  Although not stated in a religious way, he said upon exiting the well. "Thank you Sir.  You are my Angel."  We both proceeded to ski together to exit the glades, with each of us heading for the groomed slopes for the remaining of the day.

STORY 4:  My wife and I have just adopted a 4 year old English Cream Golden Retriever. Jazz had been used for breeding given his excellent lineage. Fortunately for us, the owner is a 92 year old breeder of Golden Retrievers who wished the dog to have a permanent-family home.  With some training,  Jazz is adapting very well to an inside home environment, along with a huge back yard ... and very loving human parents.  Jazz is so sweet and docile as to both people and animals.  So! Here's the point. It is my wife's desire to visit hospitals with Jazz for the emotional benefits of patients to provide one source of unconditional affection. NO! Jazz will not be perceived to be an Angel, but he will unquestionably deliver Angelic affection.

Again, it is only my point to note the benefits of us humans ... and pets that can deliver Angelic wonderfulness, whether the receiver is religious or not.





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