I am willing to accept commissions to write stories for your particular interests. If agreed to as to topic, I will interview the appropriate people to get the circumstances and particular information needed to write a story for which you will have the right to review and discuss modification, if necessary, to complete the assignment before invoicing.

Consider the following examples:

  • A fantasy about a forthcoming trip for a couple;
  • A fantasy regarding the vision of one person for their loved one in 10 years;
  • A story to be provided to grandparents regarding the child(ren), either fictional or factual;
  • A story for grandparents to be presented to the child(ren) as to their vision of the future.

The purchaser gains full rights to the story once payment is made. No payment is required until full satisfaction is reached. Pricing of the assignment will be fixed and agreed to before the assignment is undertaken.

To begin the possibility of this engagement, simply contact us and I will contact you to discuss the feasibility.

*These stories will not be posted on the blog without your permission.