NOTE: Words that are italicized and underlined are defined elsewhere in this posting.

Unquestionably New Orleans (NOLA) had been my favorite place in the U.S. to live, and second/ third to Villefrance-Sur-Mer (French Rivera) and Paris, respectively, across the globe. (I have several TRAVEL posts on those three locations on this blog.) I state 'had been' because the 'comfort' (BUT not the ambience) of the city has changed substantially since Hurricane Katrina for several reasons.  First, the lack of gun control has resulted in the suppressed youths carrying guns without the maturity to respect the law or the difference between right & wrong. Second, the stability of the black community has eroded given the massive exodus to settle elsewhere.  While NOLA is in the South, it is not a Southern city. It's society is rich in Cajun/Creole/Black cultures and has the most genuine enjoyment across the city as to food, music, and dance.

Within the following text, I address *Food & Libations, *Places, *Live Music, *Speak, *Events, and *People that I suggest one may want to know about and explore when visiting New Orleans. Clearly there is much more than what I am providing for each topic, but those mentioned are my personal favorites. Additionally, a number of my following observations are based upon what I captured living there before Hurricane Katrina, especially those observations as to the interaction between blacks and whites.

Art for Art Sake: Presented by the Magazine Street Merchants Association, it is their annual showcase of art, food, music and fun on Magazine Street. I have purchased several paintings enjoying this event.



Dem Saints: The New Orleans professional football team, The Saints.

Dam Yankee:   an expatriate

from the North who moves to New Orleans.who soesn't go home.


Chalmatians: These are folks residing in Chalmette (accross the Industrial Canal) who speak with a Bronx accent. They don't consider themselves to be Yats.

Dr. John:  Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., better known by his stage name Dr. John, was an American singer and songwriter. His music was influenced by New Orleans blues, jazz, funk, and R&B. This most beloved NOLA musician died in 2019.

J Monque'D: This so-unique performer comes from the school of musicians who say if you are going to play the blues, you have got to live the blues. At one Jazz Festival a number of years ago, he was released from prison temporarily to perform. You can listen to his "Butter-Churning Man" on Alexa.

Rex: The king of Carnival. He holds the key to the city for a day, handing to him by the mayor in a Lundi Gras ceremony. 

St. Augs: Representing St. Augustine's High School, this is a favorite group that performs in various Mardi Gras parades. Literally, they are loud and brassy and bring the crowd alive.











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