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When writing this piece several months prior to the November 2020 elections, a Republican U.S. Senator was interviewed by CNN as to why he is not only against Trump, but also openingly stating that he will vote for Biden. When questioned further, he stated that the outrageous acts of Trump and his administration were actually working against the conservative principles of the GOP. He went onto say that Democrats (Biden in particular) are in the position to better pursue conservative as well as progressive perspectives. The logic is quite clear. Biden has a proven history of working across the aisle to bring consensus for the overall benefit of our people, regardless of race, wealth, religion, country of origin, etc. That interviewer went on to ask when was his “AHA!” moment when he made the decision against blind Republican loyalty. I can only paraphrase his response: ‘What Trump does is simply totally wrong and indecent in everything he does in that his actions are only for him, and not our country, not our people, and not even his party.’

During the early part of Trump’s administration there had been a very slow reaction by leading Republicans as to Trumps unbelievable unethical, un-religious actions (choose any). But with the Covid19, it was his horrific divisive actions that resulted in so many additional deaths – the time line is clear. You know the amazing mistakes that Trump has made for his own benefit, including the actions of his immediate family. So! I need not to list any here.

During Trump’s administration so far, I have had 3 AHAs as to Trump. Early on, I would wake up in the morning with fear that I would find out that the U.S. was in a war somewhere. Over months, that fear transitioned to a desire for comedy as in WTF did he do last night. That comedic perspective then transitioned to horror due to his horrific handling of Covid-9 pandemic.

Hopefully, my next AHA will be when Biden is elected, and that I can believe that the majority of our people have the intelligence and integrity to address the legitimacy and freedom of extraordinary democracy under our amazing (not necessarily perfect) Constitution.

The next AHA is when Trump and his family are brought up on criminal charges regarding their actions before and during his administration.

As a side point, in the 50s, Isaac Asimov wrote a SciFi trilogy known as “The Foundation”. The underlying thread of this trilogy, as defined by Wikipedia, “is based upon the theory of psychohistory, a new and effective mathematical sociology. Using statistical laws of mass action, it can predict the future of large populations.” In one of the books, a ‘freak’ character appears referred to as the ‘Mule’ that was not predictable. The Mule wreaks havoc across the galaxies. Trump is the Mule in our reality as an immoral, baseless, unethical individual that no decent soul could have imagined, yet alone predicted. AHA! There are such creators in our society.


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