I partially viewed a documentary recently on Hulu regarding 'THE VILLAGES' and its 'BUBBLE' for the inhabitants. This is an age-restricted community of 10,000's homes, expanding to 70 square miles, for 55+ individuals in Ocala, FL. Each of the 81 individual villages that have been developed over the decades in 3 counties to meet endless housing demand, is a village within itself with its own golf course, community center, pool, tennis courts, etc. Given the uniqueness of this archipelago of housing complexes, The Villages is also known for sinkholes in the area.  Interestingly, the Villages has been reported as having a very high level of STD, although the actual statistics don't seem to support that. The following is my view of The Villages based upon my several visits there.

BUT, REALLY? Don't all of us have a BUBBLE in which we live? Some bubbles are more physically expansive for those that can travel, as I do,  but a bubble nonetheless as to some composition of boundaries, whether those boundaries be physical, economic, social, cultural, and/or perhaps religious. ... whatever. The term BUBBLE is not a negative perspective unless one is constrained to satisfy his/her desires ... including moving beyond one's given Bubble's boundaries. I would argue that finances are perhaps the greatest constraint for most, followed by religious and cultural restrictions for a select set of individuals. Even still in this age, racism can be a boundary for so many.  

There clearly are bubbles for some individuals with which I don't want to interact with or engage ... nor they with me in a friendly fashion.  Specifically, those individuals with radical beliefs that are not founded in reality. Unfortunately, the examples have been amazing as to their numbers in the last 4-5 years, seemingly stemming from the T***p Presidency.  I refer to those lost individuals that either are so ignorant of facts, or unwilling to accept facts,  even in light of proven statistical, scientific principles that define our world.  The leading example currently, following the total BS of the never ending 'Big Lie' is that of COGVID vaccines and the associate principles of individual and social protraction. The BUBBLE of such individuals is so distorted as to foundation, structure, and reasoning.  Unfortunately, these ignorant individuals have the same right to vote their mindset in U.S. society which can, and has, influenced some portion of the 'leaders' of our country. These are 'leaders' that are willing to compromise their integrity and constitutional responsibilities for their fatuous belief of how they will retain their position in the long term by feeding on such ignorance. So NO!, I don't argue with such individuals.

After Thought:  Several minutes after making this posting, my mind thought about my metallurgy undergraduate degree and the concept of plastic vs. elastic expansion of metals, e.g., steel.  There is a test in measuring steel as to the Stress/Strain curve where a specific shape of steel is placed in a device that pulls on one or both ends with increasing stress.  The result is the determination of strain (stretch) of the piece until fracture. As shown in this diagram, the piece increases in length proportionally to the stress (green area) up to a point. If the stress is removed, the metal returns to its original length. This is the elastic region.  However, if the stress increases further, the stretch becomes unproportionable to the point of failure, i.e., the plastic region. Notice the slight drop in the stress as the plastic regions initiates, and then the stress continues to rise and then drops after the 'Ultimate strength' prior to fracture.

In my mind, I find this stress/strain curve to be analogous to the life's experiences for many individuals. As to myself, I have usually operated in the green zone and had avoided the plastic region for 72 years.  However, my last 2 years has taken me beyond my elastic range.  My 'mild' bout with prostate cancer and a serious spine infection, did take me into the blue zone by not permitting me to return as aggressively to my physical activities as discussed in another posting on this blog: "Measurement of Self".  Not to be discussed to any extent here for now, but indeed there is a point of fracture at some point.sad   

After, After Thought:  There is another critical characteristic of steel that may apply to some, e.g., snow skiers, serious mountain climbers, etc.  There is a 'Transition Temperature" where steel is ductile above that temperature, but becomes quite brittle at and below that temperature.  This test is used for measuring. the acceptance of steel pipe, for example, in frigid environments.  I leave it to the reader to find the analogy for humans.




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