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Darwinism 2021

Natural Selection (NS) is a well proven process, with abundant evidence, of evolution as first formally recognized by Charles Darwin in his paper (xxxxxxx). Please note that Darwin was also a racist as to his belief of the superiority of the Caucasion race (which is an interesting side point to my points below).  In my opinion, NS is totally compatible with Creationism. Regardless of how one believes things got started on this particular orb in the  semmingly infiinte number of galaxies, e.g., Old Testament, Big Bang, alien invasion, whatever. To be crude here, "S**t happens" and changes will occur. The NS examples as to flora and fauna (F&F) are bound to be seemingly endless if the data were available. The expected NET effect of NS is to eliminate weakness of the particular F&F to the then-current enviroment (that is also changing) so as to survive. Interestingly, looking to the future, a 2012 study by the University of Washington (Seattle) stated that, due to climate change, within 100 years 90% of mammels will have lost their native habitat, and that 10% of those will fail to make the transition.

Side Note: In the case of the extinct Dodo, this bird was without any natural predators in its secluded inhabitant and therefore was not able to adapt to the danger of humans that sought a dinner after dinner, until there were no more Dodos.

So! The above is about the changes of Mother Nauture (excluding the Dodo) for whch we humans can best participate by elimineating our devastating effect on climate change ..... BECAUSE that is NOT Mother Nauture. However, that is not my direct point here for the following. Rather, I now make a most abrupt shift to U.S. politics. In this case, it is not a matter of Nature doing its thing, but rather some combination of IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY,  and COWARDICE by elected officials at all significant levels of government. It is abhorrent to me as to the amazing lack of courage of so many GOP members to do the right thing . The most obvious reason is that these truly ignorant, stupid, and cowardly individuals strive to save their jobs at the expense of supporting the primary democtratic principles to which they took an allegience. By refusing to support what is right, what is moral, what is democtratic, what is logical, they choose to give support to the minority of folks that have not the willingness or capabily to face the facts. These are fatuous "leaders" that are foolishly encouraging the ignorant, selfish, society-rejected individuals that have neither the courage or capability to understand right from wrong.  Clearly, there is a % of the population that is so ill-educated, or put-down in some fashion for which there is no reasonable escape from their pathetic situation. Unfortunately, that is the cost of humanity that deserves to be dealt with a humanistic way - and most likely they not have been.  That is responsibility of the whole society. But somehow we have failed to do this. Ironically, the GOP rejects such acts as Socialism, as if it is a horrible thing, that is foolishly rejected by the very individuals that are in the greatest need of such welfare. These are the same individuals that were fooled by T***p in believing that his tax relief several years ago was in their favor, when in fact it was just the opposite.

Ok, permit me to make a PRIMARY underlying point here. Socialism IS NOT Communism.  We all are  dependent upon our government as to military, police, disaster support,  social security, etc. All of these are 'Socialism" by nature of which all such prortestors forget as to what they receive every day. 

The pushing of the "Evil of Socialism" is, in my humble opinion, a scam by the wealthy to place unwarranted fears of stuff that they don't want to pay it for.  Clearly, Biden is attempting to reverse that, and those in the greatest need for such benefits have in the past been brainwashed to believe that it is evil. Unfortunaetely the mechnaism at work is very straightforward as noted by Amit Kelkar in 2017: “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth.", a Nazi propaganda technique,

My message given the above is two-fold. 1. GOP is BS as to the majority of its members and working against their own future by rejecting the truth.  The truth will win out overall, I trust. 2. The portion of the U,S, population that requires the most assistance given their mental, physical, geographical, education restrictions are being played against their best interests to vote for the political "leaders" that are only interested in sustaining their positions, even at the cost of Democracy and the true benefit for their constituents. In terms of Darwinism, the souls following the GOP are working against their own existence,

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